The Holsworthy Theatre Club and
The Holsworthy and District Orchestra present

Books & Lyrics by Arthur Rose & Douglas Furber
Music by Noel Gay
by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.
produced by Mary Kelley

Memorial Hall, Holsworthy

Gerald Bolingbroke – Desmond Shadrick
Lady Battersby – Hilda Prouse
Lady Brighton – Anne Trigger
Jacqueline Carston – Marion Squire
Charles – Peter Dracup
Mr. Parchester – Charles Cornish
The Hon. Margaret Aikington – Janet Parsons
Lord Jasper Tring – Peter Yelland
Charles Boulting Smythe – Clifford Skinner
Maria, The Duchess of Dene – Mary Kelley
Sir John Tremayne – Geoffrey Tucker
Bill Snibson – Leo. Edwards
Sally Smith – Pamela Crumblehulme
Alf – John Osborne
Fred – Colin Priest
Bert – Peter Stacey
Joe – Leonard Wonnacott
A Telegraph Boty – John Merrifield
Mrs. Brown – Jacqueline Whapham
Bob Barking – Randal Charlton
A Police Constable – Bill Crumblehulme
Dancers – Susan Inwood, Shirley Barfett

Guests, Cockneys etc.
M. Andrews, G. Boles, H. Congdon, J. Heard, J. Kennard, G. Knight, Y. Edwards,
J. Osborne, R. Saunders, H. Slyfield, C. Whapham, D. While, George Tucker, D. Cole

Scenery designed, built and painted by Arthur Hancock, George Tucker, Ernest Ackland & Tony Wingrave

Producer – Mary Kelley
Conductor – Arthur Hancock
Chorus Master – Leo Edwards
Prompter – Joan Whitlock
Property Mistress – Margo Inwood
Wardrobe – Peggy, Trigger, Jack Tidball
Stage Manager – Val. Kelley
Stage Electrician – Bill Crumblehulme
Photography – F.G. Dempster
House Manager – Danny Kay
Programme Secretaries – Hazel & Aubrey Woollard
General Secretaries – James Crumblehulme, Susan Inwood


1st Violins – B. Pearson, L. Medland, B.G. Mines, F. Daniel
2nd Violins – B. Trengove, G.M. Large, J. Headdon
Viola – R. Tucker
Cello – L. Edwards
Double Bass – W. Wort
Piano – G. Holme
Flute – F. Edwards
Clarionets – M. Blight
French Horn – E. Glanville
Trumpet – C. Isaac
Trombone – W. Skinner
Bass Tuba – G. Ley
Percussion – J. Crumblehulme