Performance Information


by Austin Melford

Music by Noel Gay
Lyrics by Frank Eyton
by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

A production by Holsworthy Theatre Club and the Holsworthy & District Orchestra
8-13th Dec 1958


Hector Philpot – Peter Yelland
June Philpot – Marion Squire
Mrs. Edgoose – Jill Cornish
Godfrey Fogg – Leo. Edwards
Sheila Popejoy – Janet Parsons
Robert Popejoy – Charles Cornish
Connor – Sue Inwood
Dick Allen – Peter Dracup
An AA Man – Ken. Nicholls
The Manager at the George Hotel – Randolph Pooley
The Boots at the George Hotel – John Osborne
Mandeville – Geoffrey Tucker
Audrey – Hilda Prouse
Lady Patricia – Margaret Andrew
“Binky” Beaufort – Anne Trigger
Diana – Hilary Congdon
Colonel Beecher – Bob Turner
Fred – Colin Priest

Guests, Bridesmaids etc. a the Wedding and at the “George”
Grace Boles, Julia Osborne, Jean Lasbrook, Jennifer Heard, Janice Kennard, Shirley Barfett, Yolande Edwards, Pamela Trivett, Jacqueline Whapham,
Margaret Leyman, Pamela Crumblehulme, Rosemary Evans, Anne Morgan, Desmond Shadrick, Clifford Skinner, Peter Stacey, William Crumblehulme, George Tucker, Chris. Whapham.

Scenery designed, built and painted by Arthur Hancock, George Tucker, Ernest Ackland and Reg. Osborne
AA Uniform by courtesy of The Automobile Association
Telephones kindly lent by the Post Office Telephones

Producer – Mary Kelley
Conductor – Arthur Hancock
Chorus Master – Leo Edwards
Prompt – John Broad
Properties – Margo Inwood, Randal Charlton
Wardrobe – Jean Tidball, Winifred Crumblehulme, Nancy Tucker, Jack Tidball
Stage Managers – Val. Kelley, Bill Crumblehulme
Photography – F.G. Dempster
House Manager – Herbert Hamley
General Secretary – James Crumblehulme


1st Violins – B. Pearson, L. Medland, F. Daniel, W. Lee
2nd Violins – B. Trengove, P. Hillier, J. Headdon
Viola – R. Tucker
Cello – R. Rawlings
Double Bass – W. Wort
Piano – G. Holme
Flute – F. Edwards
Clarinets – M. Blight, W. Headdon
French Horn – E. Glanville
Trumpet – C. Isaac
Trombone – W. Skinner
Bass Tuba – G. Ley
Percussion – J. Crumblehulme