About Us

If you want to know more about us, this page is for you to find out how we are organised, financed, our history and the types of activities involved in running HATS.


HATS is an amateur theatrical society in Holsworthy, Devon. We have our own 250-seat theatre, and we produce plays and pantomimes for the local community. Our theatre is also available for hire to other organisations.

We are a registered charity, run by an Executive Committee, under a constitution approved by the charity commission.

Our society is kept going by a loyal base of members, sponsors, audiences and supporters. Our members are all volunteers who devote their time and energy to keeping the theatre going on and off stage. Our sponsors have donated a one off sum in return for a plaque on one of our seats, a twice yearly newsletter, priority booking on panto seats and invitation to all of our social events – for more information on how you can sponsor a seat, click here.


Holsworthy Amateur Theatrical Society was created in 1971, following a merger between the two existing theatrical groups in Holsworthy; the Holsworthy Dramatic Society and the Holsworthy Theatre Club. The group purchased a derelict cinema and lovingly converted it into the theatre you see today.

For more information, see history.

Our History


There is more to it than acting

When we go to see a show we see the actors – however the actors are a very small part of the dynamic team that it takes to produce an enjoyable performance. We only need to read the credits at the end of a film to understand the large number of people it takes to get a show from script to screen and the theatre is no different.

So when you come to see a show, look around at the Front of House people, all there for your comfort and safety. Think of how many people it took to advertise the show, design, build and move the set, make the costumes, direct the actors,(prompt when necessary), find or make the props, light the stage, create the sounds effects, play the music and not least how many volunteers it takes to keep the theatre well maintained throughout the whole year. 

If you would like to join our team of volunteer members or you would just like to know a bit more about us please see our membership page.