Performance Information


A Thrilling Detective Play by A.A. Milne

Directed for Holsworthy Amateur Dramatic Society by Mrs. Fulford Oke

30th Nov, 1st & 2nd Dec 1933

The Cinema, Holsworthy

Various local charities were aided. Mr F. S. M. Saunders, JP (Bovacott Bradford) President of the local branch of the British Legion, voiced the warmest appreciation to the Society. Mr. Leslie J. Orchard Acknowledged.


Jimmy Ludgrove – Mr. Mark Crisp

Susan Cunningham – Mrs. Tilly Kingdon

Adams – Mr. H. Bernard Gent

Edward Laverick – Mr. Harry Clegg

Edward Carter – Dr. Michael Kingdon

Major Fothergill – Mr. Wm. Coombe

Mrs. Fulverton-Fane – Mrs. M. Rudland

Jane West – Mrs. K. Rowland

Arthur Ludgrove – Mr. Leslie J. Orchard

PC Mallett – Mr. S. J. Rowland

Sergeant Mallett – Mr. C. Woodford

Producer: Mrs. Fulford Oke

Stage Managers: Messrs L. J. Whitlock and H. Clegg

Mr. F. Kellaway was responsible for appropriate furninshings

Extra Lighting arranged by Messrs L. P. Whitlock and Sons